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TMC Costin

The TMC Costin was a lightweight sports car built from 1983 and 1987 at the Thompson Motor Company in Wexford, Ireland.

It was designed by the aerodynamicist and Marcos founder Frank Costin and was supposed to be the Irish Seven. Costin had previous associationswith Lotus and Maserati for race car chassis designs. The cars were very successful in racing, but just twenty six cars were built before the company TMC went bankrupt in 1987. The chassis rights were sold to the american Daniel Panoz who still builds the Panoz Roadster which are based on the Costin.

Car Spec on Carfolio technical Spec of TMC 1600

German owner site tmc-costin

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CATEGORIES (articles) > Marque information > Costin > TMC Costin

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