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Buckler Cars overview

The Buckler Cars company founded by Derek Buckler and based in Reading, Berkshire, England produced approximately 500 cars between 1947 and 1962.

Unusual in featuring spaceframe construction at this date, the high quality chassis were supplied for home completion. They were designed to accept a range of mechanical components to enable buyers to create a lightweight sports car suitable for road use and in rallies, trials, hillclimbs or racing. At first only mechanical components were supplied leaving customers to source or make their own bodies. The first car was called the Mark V allegedly because he did not want people to think it was the first car. Buckler's popularity waned during the later 1950s as other manufacturers came on the scene and although it had some succes manufacturing karts when these first appeared, when the kit-car market suffered a reversal in 1962 the company failed. Derek Buckler who had been in poor health for some time, died in 1965.

As well as making cars, Buckler made gear sets for other companies including Lotus Cars. They also built the first Brabham racing car.

Car models

The specifications of all the cars was very variable as the company would produce parts to suit customers orders.

Model Name Year
Mark V 1949-1955 1172 cc Ford engine. Top speed 80 mph. Open 2 seater. 78 inch wheelbase.
Mark VI 1950-1955 Long (80 inch) wheelbase version of Mark V.
Nark X 1950 1172 cc Ford engine. Closed coupé three seat body.
Mark XI 1950 Long wheelbase Mark X.
Mark XV 1950 BMC A-Series engined cars.
Mark XVI 1950 Long wheelbase version of Mark XV.
90 1953-1957 1172 cc Ford engine.
DD1 1956-1962 Coventry Climax 1098 cc FWA engine. Optional de-Dion rear suspension.
DD2 1957-1962 Various engines up to 2 Litres
BB100 1958-1962 Backbone chassis


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CATEGORIES (articles) > Marque information > Buckler Cars > Buckler Cars overview

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